Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CORE Projects and Technologies - Bombay

Monday was spent in Bombay with people at CORE Projects and Technologies discussing how their 3D immersing technologies can be integrated into some of our classes. CORE Projects and Technologies is a products and solutions driven company with many PPP's (Public Private Partnerships) in many domains within the education arena. They focus on both the Business of Eduation and the Delivery of Education. Primarily and education company, CORE has domain expertise in the following domains:
  • Assessment / Achievement
  • Accountability
  • Grants and Financial
  • Safety
  • Student Information
  • Communication
  • Professional Development
We also visited the India Institute of Technology (IIT) while in Bombay. IIT is the premier Engineering and Technology University in India. We met with the engineering school who is working with CORE on the 3D immersion technologies. IIT is using it to better model and visualize earthquakes.

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Megan said...

Is technology similar to this currently being used in the U.S. too?