Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer classes start soon

A-B Tech is offering 2 sections of GIS 111 - Introduction to GIS this summer. One course will be online and one course is seated an meets Tues/Thursday mornings at 8am - 10:50am.

The online course will, as always, require a very motivated and self-directed type learner. Is online right for you? Check out the A-B Tech Distance Education FAQ to answer your questions.

Classes begin May 26th and end August 4th.

This is a great opportunity to get started with the GIS Certificate at A-B Tech this summer. Once you get the Introduction to GIS class you'll be ready for the next 2 in the certificate.

Registration starts May 4th. Call or email to get signed up.

Pete Kennedy
pkennedy ( at)
828.254.1921 x289

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